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Since 2013 DELICATPOP’S goal is to offer ready to eat quality products. These products are elaborated with fresh octopus. With great dedication the Calsina Bosch family from Llançà (Spain) manages this new company, as they have a great fishing culture since 1930 when their grandparents sold sea products.

All octopus used by DELICATPOP to elaborate their dishes, comes from extractive fishing in the Mediterranean Sea.

Our geographic location allows us to stock up the best commodities that we directly buy in the Port de Llançà, Port de la Selva and Roses Markets. After its acquisition, the octopus is processed directly in our facilities in Llançà (Girona-Costa Brava) and then distributed to our clients.


Our main goal is giving the consumer the chance to taste our octopus leg and our baby octopus cooked with different flavors. All of them with an added value that have all these qualities: exquisite and original fragrances, optimal textures and attractive colors.

Our clients

Our clients are mainly restaurants, hotels, caterings and gourmet shops specialized in high quality products.