Octopus leg

The experience and professionalism of our team have given the opportunity to create a unique product that fully reflects the characteristics of the octopus elaborated with the most traditional cooking methods. The final result is an octopus leg cooked with the best fragrance, texture and color characteristics.

We choose the best fresh octopus from the Costa Brava, and as it is traditional, we carry on with its cleaning and freezing in the shortest period of time so its texture and properties can be at their best after being cooked. Cooking takes place in our Port de Llançà facilities with a strict temperature conditions and cooking time control.

Our octopus legs are ready to be eaten. Cooked legs cut in sections are optimal to be prepared in the classic “a la Gallega” style, or simply added to a summer fresh salad. Our octopus legs are also great grilled or griddled for a few minutes.

Basically our octopus is suitable for the creation of plenty of dishes and sauces, undoubtedly giving space to the creativity and imagination of Chefs and cooks.

Commercial naming: Cooked stretched octopus legs
Scientific name: Octopus Vulgaris
Family: cephalopods
Caliber: Various
Production Method: Cooking in water and pasteurization
Production method: extractive fishing, Mediterranean zone FAO 37.1
State member or country where it has been fished: Port de Llançà, Port de la Selva (Catalonia, Spain)
Presence of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO): NO
Useful life: 50 days

Humidity: 77.0%
Energetic value: (kcal/100g) 90
Fat: 1.0 %
Carbohydrates: < 0.5 % Protein: 20.0% Ashes: 1.7%